Latest News - The Village Winemaker - A heart felt check in

July 3, 2020

Dear Friends and Fellow Winemakers,
I know you will believe me when I say that I have been trying to get this letter out to you for two Months! Unfortunately the stress levels have been high and the motivation level has been low.

All of our TVW family are well- Liz and her girls, Peta and family, Anthony and my family are thankfully healthy.

I really do want to reach out to say that we are still here plugging away. We are doing alright.
The strangeness of Covid-19 seems to be wearing off a little bit but I am not sure if that is an entirely good thing. I felt a heightened sense of community (at large) and fellowship that has been lacking. The we-are-all-in-this-together mantra felt real. The way in which our behaviour directly affects our friends, neighbours and communities was front and centre- we feel/felt connected. I want us to keep that part.

One of our biggest concerns was that our customers tend to be in a higher risk category and we have to be extra cautious for your sake. We still have enhanced cleaning and bottling services in effect.

In a year that has been momentous in so many ways, what has really stood out for me is how much of a significant part of my socialization is with you! I have seriously missed connecting with you even for a quick chat or story or to share a bit of sarcastic humor. I took those simple interactions for granted.

I am very disappointed that we not only have to cancel our Niagara Winery Tour but also our
Italian Tuscany Wine Tour. Both tours would have been great events:-(

As far as Covid-19 procedures go; We are still open by appointment only (part of the enhanced cleaning) and we are still offering bottling service. As soon as things change we will let you know our hours and the status of our normal annual events...let’s be hopeful!

We know that most of you will not be travelling this summer and want to remind you get that extra batch started now-

I would like to thank my staff for their loyalty and commitment to keeping us operational during this pandemic. And to thank you for all the kind words and wishes, support and guidance you have generously given us.

Our thoughts and prayers go out for our neighbours in the US- They are having a really tough go of it right now. The lack of leadership has put the most vulnerable in serious jeopardy. We may not have stellar leadership here, but we are VERY fortunate to be Canadian. I hope we learn from this pandemic. I hope things DON’T go back to the way they were. We can do better, appreciate more, participate fully for ourselves and for our communities.

I hope to see you all soon,

John Seaga
The Village Winemaker