Happy Father

Happy Father's Day

Dear Valued Customers,

On this special Father's Day, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and take a moment to reflect on the profound joys of fatherhood. As passionate winemakers, we recognize that being a father is the most rewarding role of all.

Fatherhood, like winemaking, demands dedication and attention to detail. It is filled with treasured moments and valuable life lessons.

On this Father's Day, we will be closed, allowing our team spend time with their families. We cherish these moments and appreciate your understanding.

To all the incredible fathers who inspire, support, and shape our lives. We raise a glass to you, who have become part of our extended family. Your support means the world to us, we aim to enrich your celebrations and everyday moments.

May this Father's Day be filled with warmth, love and lasting memories. Let's raise our glasses together, celebrating the beautiful journey of winemaking and fatherhood.

Cheers and Happy Father's Day!

John Seaga
& The Village Winemaker Team