It's a Family Business

Started my day as I usually do. Turn on lights. Open the verticals. Turn on the desk top and plug in all the mechanics that will run the shop today.

Then I set up the bottling station for those customers coming in to bottle their batch today.

For that I have to disinfect all of the pieces that will be attached to the filler machine in a sulphite solution in the back of the shop, our production area.

The sink was empty today, so I had to add the sulphite and water.

As I did so, holding the hose over the sink and filling it with water, I looked at the white board above. Smiling, I read the notes and looked at the artwork. "Katie was here" "Hello Katie" "Ben was here" "Hello Ben" ... a little Snoopy drawing (art courtesy of Isabella) and an "among us" character. Then I noticed that even John (the owner of the shop) got in on it "So was John"

And there it was, the essence of our shop and the people in it and the person who ultimately created it through his hard work and passion. The essence is "FAMILY". We are a family in every sense. We work together and help each other out whenever we can. We also get frustrated with one another. We can be disfunctional or totally in sync. We may not always get along, but there is a mutual respect that is ever present. We care. Ultimately though there is love here and I think that spills into all that we do, in and out of the shop. I believe our customers feel it too.

The white board was a reminder of what is important to me and why I work here! It reminded me that I have a workplace that engages me, helps me to be the best version of myself, encourages me to follow my other passions and side hustles, without any apprehensions! I know that my family wants me to succeed as much as I want them to succeed...and we work at it - Together.

Look for the clues in your life that let you know why you do certain things. Today's realization was blessed am I, that I work with the love of my family and have their continued support in all that I do!

Why do you do what you do?

I'd say, I'm a very lucky woman, surrounded by so much love and family. I wish you the same blessings and more...

written by Elizabeth Rapagna
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