It's Been A Hell Of A Year!

It's Been A Hell Of A Year, to say the least. I can't believe that we are in our "new digs" for one whole year already!

We are really enjoying our move to Kerr Street and love all the extra light, the ambiance and activity of Kerr Village. There are many cool shops and restaurants. The weekends are particularly busy with folks walking, riding and jogging. We're loving the extra traffic.

Getting to this point has not been without its challenges.

We learned in December (2021) that we had to move the shop before the end of March (2022). The unit had apparently been sold.

We only found our new location in February of 2022 giving us 2 months to shut down, pack up and move everything to the new location. We also had to move all of our government licensing, get various permissions and build the new space out!

It was around this time that my Uncle and business partner, Anthony, ended up in the hospital. After several ins and outs of emergency they finally managed to stabilize him. This was an extremely difficult time for the family, my aunt in particular, as we were unsure which direction things would go.

We finally opened our doors in Mid April 2022, but at the end of May Liz had to take a leave of absence. This left Peta and myself to manage both front end, back end as well as Village Wine Cellars. That was a treat.

It feels like we are only just getting sorted and settled in.

Thankfully both my uncle and Liz are doing well although neither work at the shop any longer.

We have held out from hosting in-store events but I think we may be ready for a party!

Stay tuned.

We appreciate those who have been there through these trying times. We look forward to seeing you now that the Summer entertaining season is "here".

John Seaga

The Village Winemaker