It's coming along...Just a little longer...

Hello Friends,

I'm sitting at my desk in the new shop and I love it! It's so bright and airy. You are going to love it as well! The energy on Kerr is fabulous!

The new shop is coming along! There is always something to do. Clean up and unpacking are underway! Just a little longer now! We want it perfect for your first visit!

We are delaying our opening just a little longer...

Our RE-OPENING will now be on TUESDAY, APRIL 12th
Please stay tuned for our Grand-Opening in September.

The Village Winemaker
364 Kerr St.
Oakville, ON L6K 3B8

Over the next few days I will be calling on those of you that have a wine in the works to schedule bottling dates.

April is The Village Winemaker's anniversary month. We are celebrating 23 years of business and to commemorate the occasion, we will be offering $10.00 off any batch of wine all month long!

The phone lines are open and I'm here to take your call!

Feel free to drop in anytime on or after April 12th.

See you soon!!!!!