Walk on Kerr- Newsletter  June 2022

Walk on Kerr- Newsletter June 2022

Hello Friends and Winemakers,

We're home! Our New Home! Welcome!

The move was difficult, lots of hard work and expensive. We've been very busy, working hard to get things back up and running! Well ... We'd like to show you the fruits of our labour!

Our new home has a special energy, very unique shops and stores and a cool vibe.
It feels like seeing it for the first time. Did we mention the food?

The excitement on in the area is palpable! And we have started making new friends!

We seriously couldn't wait to get back to what we love doing and that is:
Making delicious wines that excite the palate and of course socializing with our Village Winemaker community!

It's time for new beginnings and merriment!
A big "Thank You" to everyone who has already visited - The rest of you Come on in! Don't delay!
Warm Regards,
The Village Winemaker

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Yame Sushi
Choi Sushi
Hangry Pirates - Burgers
Oakville Pizzeria
Kerr Street Cafe