Products - Speciality Wines

Our Speciality Wines come in three groups: Ice Wine or Late Harvest style, Port style wines and Misted wines.

Ice Wines are styled after the famous desert wines made from frozen grapes. The resulting elixir is an intense, complex wine which is best served in small quantities with desert or before meals as an aperitif. (0/5/10+)

Ports are usually extra full bodied red wines which have a high alcohol level and some residual sweetness. Enjoy before a meal or afterwards with a good cigar.(4/5/5)

Misted wines are a blend of a fruit wine (eg: Peach) with a table wine (eg: Chardonnay) to create what we call a Peach-Chardonnay Misted Wine. They are usually low in alcohol (7%) but have good structure from the table wine and retain the fruit character and some sweetness from the fruit wine. Great pool, patio or BBQ wine.
Tasting Code (0/2-3/4)