Wedding Packages

It’s Fun!
Bring your family & friends or the wedding party with you. You’ll all enjoy the bottling experience.

It’s Easy!
Our bottling stations & automatic equipment have been setup to make bottling quick and easy, even if you have never made wine before.

It’s Personal!
Your guests will love your wine and appreciate even more, the fact that you made it yourself.

Excellent Wine!
We will help you select the perfect wine that your guests will love.

Starting at just $4.00 per bottle* (60 x 375ml bottles), it’s a great way to stay within your budget.

ALL wedding packages include your choice of wine style, personalized labels, shrink caps, corks, bottles, taxes and use of all our equipment. And a built-in discount as well!

*-House wine option not shown

Ice Wine and Port

30 - 375ml bottles $235.00 & $197.00

Platinum Wines

30 - 750ml bottles $250.00
60 - 375ml bottles $340.00

Premium Wines

30 - 750ml bottles $220.00
60 - 375ml bottles $310.00

Regular Wines

30 - 750ml bottles $169.00
60 - 375ml bottles $255.00