Products - White Wines

To help you easily find the wine you are looking for. They are sorted by:

Type - Regular = 4 week, Classic = 5 week, Premium = 6 week and Platinum = 8 weeks.

Varietal - which is the name of the wine and can refer to the grape, region or style of the wine eg: Pinot Grigio = grape variety. Chamblaise = style of wine.

Oak - which makes a wine taste tart or acidic. (0 to 5)
Body - which is a measure of the fullness of flavour in a wine (1 to 5)
Sweetness - the opposite of dryness. (0 to 2)

A simple tasting code is given for each wine. eg: Chardonnay Regular is (2/3/0) or 2- Oak, 3- Body and 0- Sweetness. A Bella Bianco Premium is (5/5/0).