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GC Chamblaise

(Oak 0|Body 2|Dryness 0) A blend of a number of the best white grape varieties, this full-flavoured and food friendly wine is smooth, clean, and well balanced.

GC Chardonnay

(Oak 2|Body 3|Dryness 0) A Medium-bodied wine with crisp, green apple bouquet and hearty flavour.

GC Gewurztraminer

(Oak 0|Dryness 2|Dryness 0) Extremely spicy in flavour and aroma, this wine will tantalize any palate. Well aged, it becomes truly distinctive.

GC Liebframilch

(Oak 0|Body 3|Dryness 0-1)Fruity in aroma and clean in taste. A crisp, dry wine that’s pleasant in its youth. Perfect for sipping with friends and family.

GC Pinot Blanc

(Oak 0|Body 2|Dryness 0) Citrus, light-bodied flavour and slightly herbal aroma. Subtle undertones of apple and peach round out this easy-drinking wine.

GC Pinot Grigio

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) This wine is dry with overtones of green melon leading to a crisp, clean finish.

GC Riesling

(Oak 0|Body 2|Dryness 0) Clean, crisp and slightly fruity, this German-style wine is full of flavour with an intense aroma.

GC Sauvignon Blanc

(Oak 0|Body 3|Dryness 0) A clean, refreshing wine offering a light, fruity aroma with green, herbal flavours and a touch of mint.

GC Verdicchio

(Oak 0|Body 3|Dryness 0) Herbal aromas dominate the bouquet, while flavours of lemon and pear entice the palate.

GC Zinfandel Blush

(Oak 0|Body 2|Dryness 0) With just a hint of rosé, this light Zinfandel is fruity, refreshing and easy drinking.

HE California White

(Oak 0|Body 2|Dryness 0) A crisp, light and refreshing wine.

HE Chardonnay

(Oak 2|Body 3|Dryness 0) An elegant, dry white wine with rich oak flavours and a hint of fruit.

HE Pinot Grigio

(Oak 0|Body 2|Dryness 0) A typical dry Pinot Grigio tart green apple and crisp citrus with notes of honey

HE Sauvignon Blanc

(Oak 0|Body 3|Dryness 0) A refreshing, medium-bodied, dry Sauvignon Blanc style wine with crisp, green apple flavours and pleasant herbal notes. Unoaked.

OTH California White

(Oak 0|Body 3|Dryness 0) Apple and stone fruit 11.5% Light-Medium NONE Dry S

OTH Chardonnay

(Oak 3|Body 3|Dryness 0) Tropical fruit and vanilla 11.5% Medium MED Dry

OTH Pinot Grigio

(Oak 0|Body 2|Dryness 0) Green apple and citrus 11.5% Light NONE Dry

OTH Riesling

(Oak 0|Body 2|Dryness 1) Citrus and grape notes 11.5% Light NONE Off-Dry

OTH Sauvignon Blanc

(Oak 3|Body 2|Dryness 0) Herbaceous with Green fruit 11.5% Light MED Dry