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Craft Winemakers who expect more from an everyday wine, and
want to elevate their dailymeals with international wine
styles, enjoy drinking Cru International.

Explore the world of wine in your own way.
Inspired by the finest winemaking regions..

The patented process in which we preserve the grape skins brings
‘fresh from the vineyard’ aromas, and delivers the best flavours
from the grapes to every glass.

CI Cabernet-Merlot - Chile

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) A robust bouquet of warm dark fruit and tobacco leads to elevated aromas of ripe black currants and cherries.

CI Cabernet Sauvignon - Australia

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) A classic Cabernet Sauvignon with a nose of blackcurrants, dark chocolate.

CI Malbec - Chile

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) Warm spice notes and aromas and flavours of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant.

CI Malbec Syrah - Argentina

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) Argentina’s best known and cherished red grape, Malbec, is blended with spicy Syrah


This dry, medium-bodied wine opens on the nose with delicious aromas of red currant, cassis, vanilla, cigar box, and spices. On the palate, it unveils a round mouthfeel with polished tannins for a supported finish.

CI Merlot - Washington

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) A cooler climate style Merlot from Washington, this wine features classic flavours of cassis and chocolate.

CI Nebbiolo - Italy

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) Luxurious flavours of dark plums and chocolate greet the nose, with hints of blackberries, toasted oak, and spices.

CI Pinot Noir - British Columbia

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) This BC style Pinot Noir wine features aromas of black cherries and fresh strawberries.

CI Pinotage - South Africa

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) South Africa’s national red grape, Pinotage, creates a wine with dark fruit aromas flavours,and serious tannins

CI Primitivo - Italy

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) Primitivo, Italy’s version of the Zinfandel, creates a wine with a luscious bouquet of ripe black cherry and delicate spices.

CI Sangiovese - Italy

(Oak 2|Body 2|Dryness 0) Perhaps Italy’s best loved grape from Tuscany, this wine is expressive on the palate with lively cherry fruit and a brisk acidity.

CI Syrah - California

(Oak 2|Body 3|Dryness 0) Raspberries and peppery spice blend in harmony to create an elegant flavor with soft, balanced tannins and a lingering, smooth finish.

MV Cabernet Sauvignon

(Oak 3|Body 3| Dryness 0)
With its spicy notes from the oak, the Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins produce soft savory tannins, and a bouquet teeming with vanilla, mint, and tobacco. Cherries and ripe blackcurrants will arouse your senses, finishing with rich coffee and plum notes.

MV Malbec Chile

(Oak 3|Body 3|Dryness 0) This medium-bodied wine will tantalize your palate with its combination of blackberry, cherry, blackcurrant, and warm spice notes. This Malbec is fermented on Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins which creates its silky round tannins.

MV Merlot

(3|3|0) A robust bouquet of warm, dark fruit and tobacco leads to elevated aromas of ripe black currants and cherries. Layers of coffee and dark plum notes unfold on the palate while the Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins produce soft juicy tannins.

MV Shiraz

(Oak 3|Body 3|Dryness 0)
This deep garnet red wine is well balanced with lively aromas of black pepper, blueberries, chocolate, and toasted oak. Medium-bodied, it is robustly built with soft silky tannins from fermentation on Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins.