Red Wines - Shiraz

CS Cab/Shiraz/Merlot

(Oak 5|Body 5|Dryness 0) The spicy flavour from Cabernet, sweet berry fruit of Shiraz and softening effects of Merlot result in a hearty, tightly structured and well-balanced wine.


(Oak 5|Body 4|Dryness 0) This full-bodied red wine is deep and dark in colour with a rich bouquet of fruit and a hint of cassis.

EP Cabernet-Shiraz - AUSTRALIA

(Oak 4|Body 4-5|Dryness 0)A full bodied, fruit forward blend that highlights all the best characteristics of the varieties it contains.

EP Shiraz - Australian

(Oak 4|Body 5|Dryness 0) This full-bodied wine features Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins and untoasted American oak shavings.

GC Shiraz

(Oak 3|Body 3|Dryness 0) This rich, extremely dark wine has notes of plum that will entice you.

MV Shiraz

(Oak 3|Body 3|Dryness 0)
This deep garnet red wine is well balanced with lively aromas of black pepper, blueberries, chocolate, and toasted oak. Medium-bodied, it is robustly built with soft silky tannins from fermentation on Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins.

RQ 2018 Shiraz Viognier Triumph

Shiraz viognier from Australia
Our viognier shiraz from Australia is an elegant and refined wine. Its ample mouth is based on silky tannin, which ends with delicious notes of dehydrated fruit, vanilla and black pepper.
Oak: 5 Oak|5 Body|0 dry